LICENSES & PRICES:   Our images are Royalty Free licensed images for a reasonable good prices to match the stock photos actual lower budget images. We are happy to own a very professional images galleries direct only from experienced pro photographers. When purchasing a file digital download you will be able to choose a license for personal use or commercial use. Personal license only for blogs or any use that will not direct or indirectly could be involved with commercial or promotional activity. The image prices vary depending the requested image size and the type of license. Prints and products with the selected images can be purchased too. Extended licenses are needed for some image usage, please read below the conditions.

EXTENDED / ENHANCED LICENSES:   Our Standard listed rates are allowed for multiple purposes: website, advertisement, editorial, privated usage. If you are pretending to use our image for multiple print runs over 250.000 and/or use our image to be incorporated in any resale merchandise: artwork, clothing, posters, calendars, mugs, magnets, mousepads.... you will need to purchase a $100 EXTENDED license. If you are going to use your image as a decoration in an office, restaurant, public area, convention center, store or home, you will need to purchase and EXTENDED license too. EXTENDED licenses are downloadable only via contacting us.

BIG TIFF SIZE FROM RAW:   We can actually provide king size High Resolution Tiff images for billboards and big size projects as we keep all original RAW form every image, these photos have not been previously compressed on JPG and reach our clients on request 8 / 16 bits. Contact us for these special sizes (not direct download). All our viewable photos and illustration are easily instant downloadable from the site and could be purchased online in any of the listed sizes.

ROYALTY FREE AND EXTENDED LICENSE IMAGES TERMS OF USE:  Purchasing a regular image you accept an standard Royalty Free (RF) License by the fact of downloading an image from our site and you agree to be bound by this agreement. The RF license allows you to use the image for almost any kind of business, personal, educational... purposes. You can use it more than one time but cannot transfer your image and license to third parts, not even for personal usage. If You are unsure whether additional third-party rights are needed for Your use, You are responsible for consulting with competent rights management professionals or legal advisors. The ownership of the images will always remain only under the copyrighted author/photographer who is the only owner of these rights. Images can be used subject to the terms of the appropriate licence set out below and subject to the relevant law of the state in which the image is used worldwide, in perpetuity, and with no time limitations. An STANDARD RF LICENSE gives you the right to use the image for Yourself, or on behalf of Your client, but not to sell on the image or to sub-license it to anyone else. You can find below listed the allowed uses for Standard license and Extended license you may find the suitable license for your needs, any singular usage or not listed here, please don't hesitate to contact us.

ALLOWED RF ROYALTY FREE USAGE:   Websites for business, personal, educational, blogs, forums and social networks - Printed media: News, magazines, advertising under 250.00 prints - DVD, CD and musi usage as covers and video, film or TV boradcasts. - Software APPS, email, school projects, Power points and similar presentations. - Desktock wallpapers por personal use only.

ALLOWED EXTENDED LICENSE USAGE:   Print runs over 250.000 - Web templates for distribution free and paid. - Flash cards, language courses and online learning system. - Artistic reference and canvas/framed artwork for sale. - Desktop wallpapers for sale. - Product packaging or labels. - Products or printed merchandise where the image is the main or one of the main reasons for the product purchase even if is free distributed: T-shirts, Souvenirs, greeting cards, calendars, Puzzles, Jigsaws, Mugs, tourist cards...

PROHIBITED USAGE AND NO LICENSE AVAILABLE: The following usages are prohibited under any of our licenses, not RF or Extended License: - Products or printed merchandise for resale on merchandise sites such as Zazzle and CafePress. - Logos and other corporate identity devices which may acquire trademark or copyright protection. - Pornographic, unlawful or defamatory uses. - Sensitive usage that may be potentially harmful for the models / properties represented in our imagery content. If you hesitate about if your usage may be or not considered harmful you may contact us previously. Image in a way that depicts any person therein in a way that a reasonable person might find offensive - this includes, but is not limited to the use of Images: Drugs, alcohol, tobacco, disease, social and other issues, phornography, ads for adult clubs, dates agencies or ads or similar, connected with political endorsements, pharmaceutical, dietary treatments or supplements, digestive aids, personal hygiene or birth control products, unlawful or defamatory content, offenrive or inmoral content, activities engaging the model in any inmoral or illegal activity or physical/mental infirmity, ailment or condition. - Using an Editorial Usage image for commercial purposes. - Falsely represent to the copyright holder. - Not allowed to redistribution or resale any digital or printed image. - Infirngement of copyright or trademark

OWNERSHIP AND COPYRIGHT: All images here, photos, illustration, 3d and any other graphic products are property ow the authos who is the only owner of the copyright. Downloading the images allow customers to license them for usage but property will always remain on author and will never be allowed to redistribute or resell the content donwloaded by purchasing or any other way. Customers from Spain will be charged with an extra IVA tax not included in listed price acording with the tax % in the moment of purchase, international customers will not be charged with taxes. This page and all its content is copyrigted by TONO BALAGUER SLU  with legal IVA/Tax reference ESB97923544

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Enjoy with our AnyStockPhotos images!

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